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If you have any questions or concerns about how we use your personal information, please read our privacy policy.
Privacy Policy

DHL is committed to preserving the privacy of users of our web sites. Any information about you that we collect is used purely to improve the services we offer to you, and to make our web site's content and services easier to use and more appropriate to you. We may use this information, with your permission, to contact you with information about updates to our web site or other marketing information. DHL does not sell, trade, or rent any information about specific customers to third parties for marketing purposes.

Web Site Security

Certain areas of the DHL web sites including, but not limited to, WebShip and DHL Proview, require registration and are password protected. Information obtained from users of these areas may also be used for DHL's marketing purposes. DHL provides a right of access and rectification of personal data under the applicable legislation.

Your usage of DHL's web site may be tracked to help us continue to improve the site, for problem solving purposes, or as a part of an aggregate profile of usage of the site. Your individual usage information will not be shared with outside parties.


As part of the shipping process, information about individual shipments, including a digital facsimile of the consignee's signature, is available through public tracking functions by entry of the waybill number or shipment reference number. While extensive shipment status information is provided, shipper and receiver information is kept to the minimum necessary to identify and track the shipment.


Cookies are small text files sent by a web site to the user's browser that are stored on the user's hard drive. In order to improve performance and support registration and customization of certain web applications, portions of our site use cookies. DHL does not use cookies to examine your computer.

Clear Gifs

A clear gif is a small graphic file (1x1 pixels) that is included in the web page being displayed. By virtue of its existence on specific pages, DHL can acquire additional information on how visitors who have received a targeted promotional campaign are making use of the web site. DHL shares this information with a reputable third-party marketing company for the purpose of targeting future campaigns and upgrading visitor information used in reporting statistics.

Third Parties

Sections of, such as Online Billing, include transactions hosted by third parties. When you leave to visit or use one of these sites, information identifying you as a DHL customer is passed to the third party. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) privacy protocol is used to insure your transaction privacy. DHL is not responsible or liable for the independent privacy policies of third party sites.

Web-Based Shipping

DHL designed web-based shipping applications, to provide our customers the most timely, accurate, and easy-to-use online shipping in the transportation industry. While increasing your convenience, we have also incorporated security features to protect your personal shipping information.

Data Encryption - SSL encryption is used to protect the information you enter when using the online shipping.
Passwords - It is your responsibility to ensure that your user ID and password are secure. If you choose the Remember Password option to streamline the login process, your login information will be stored on your system and anyone with access to it can use your DHL web services. DHL employees do not have access to your password.
Shipment and Receiver Data - DHL will not disclose your address book to other parties.

Systems on Customer Premises

Thousands of DHL customers use DHL shipping systems such as LIBRA and EasyShip to send shipments each day. When these systems are installed at a customer's premises, they may contain the customer's profile and shipment data. We encourage customers concerned about the security of the information contained on these systems to protect them by using physical access controls.


Your use of the DHL-USA web site signifies your acceptance of DHL's Privacy Policy. DHL reserves the right to modify, add, or remove portions of this policy at its discretion at any time. Please check back frequently to be informed of any changes.
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